Kamalam International School

Dare to Dream...


Welcome to The Kamalam international  School website whether you are a prospective student or parent, or perhaps you are just interested in learning more about The Kamalam international  School  here in Hobart.

It was upon this principle along with emphasing the importance of family that The Kamalam international school was begun. While designed to serve the needs of the society, We based the curriculum of Kamalam international  School on a ‘useful education’ with an emphasis on the sciences, maths and English as opposed to primarily studying the Classics.  We also believed that boys and girls should receive a nearly identical education and be taught co-educationally instead of separately.  Today, ’kamalam’ continues its tradition of forward-looking educational philosophy through the in-service trainings undertaken by our staff and students.

Based upon the principles of integrity, respect, peace & justice, simplicity, community, equality and stewardship, the school thrived and developed into the institution it is today.  The search for knowledge and understanding as well as striving towards enabling each person do the best they can helps to set the tone for the school community today.

The school is guided in its daily actions and decisions by its “Purpose and Concerns” statement.  The Purpose and Concerns statement was clearly designed with the development of children in mind:

“We seek to help our students develop into men and women who will think clearly, act with integrity, make decisions for themselves, be sensitive to the needs of others and the environment, be strong in service and hold a global perspective.”

Joining The Kamalam international  School community as a student, parent or employee has proven to be a powerful experience.  Generations of Hobart families continue to send their children to The Kamalam international  School because of the clarity of purpose and the obvious evidence of putting its core beliefs into action on a daily basis.

To quote j.sathis (Principal, 2014 – 2015) “we aim to provide an energetic, positive and optimistic school in which people want to teach and learn.  We want our students to begin their lifetime of learning with love, a sense of wonder and a spirit of inquiry.”

The kamalam international school today is truly a remarkable place. It is a thriving community of about.  Although there are few Quaker students and staff in the school, many parents choose The Kamalam international  School because the Quaker values align with those of their family.  If you have further questions regarding The Kamalam international  School , please feel free to contact us through this website.We are always ready to support and clear all your queries.

Principal : C.Muthukumaran, DTT,DPM,MBA, M.PHIL.,