Kamalam International School

Dare to Dream...


Mr. C.Muthukumaran, , MBA,Mphil,phd.,Correspondent


Achieve something to en grave your name on the walls of this prestigious institution and make us cherish all glory that you leave behind.

To achieve success our belief is to dream big,think differently, always focus, sustained hard work and correct your mistakes. So our trust is olur journey to play a very vital part in making global champions. All that we expect from our kamalam parents is to do a continuous follow up of your child’sprogress in all their en deavours. In case of any difficulty you can feel free to discuss with our staff’’ at any level.

Today it’s competitive world . children are achieving very high distinctions but the greastest support is required from the parent in instilling of human values, indian culture, heritage, hard work with ethics, this creates a happy successful life.

This can be done only by the institution and the parents. So, we are ready. Are you? Come and join us for the challenging FUTURE.

“ We want to create the pillars of the future nation and so we are serving for the poor rural people of dharmapuri district. We are working towards their upliftment through education and good habits”